exceptional quality.
coastal new england style.

At the helm of The Flats are two professional chefs who complement each other: Mason Pryme is technical skills and Timothy Ames is the creative brain (though they definitely don’t lack either). Together, their signature is high quality, unforgettable culinary experience that brings foodies back for more fresh, unexpected, and impeccably executed dishes.

build your own plate and try the extensive specials menu:
you’ll never get bored.

Mason and Tim love experimenting with their offerings, so they built their menu to be as flexible as possible. About a dozen specials change several times a week, allowing the chefs to incorporate the most interesting ingredients available on the market. Center of the plate and a-la carte sides items are offered separately, allowing our guests to create personal entrée combinations. The choices are vibrant and distinctive: being classically trained, Mason and Tim often start with classic French recipes and then brighten them up with often unexpected, but always satisfying fusion of Asian, Mexican, and Mediterranean influences for a contemporary twist that energizes taste buds and delights the senses.

casual fine dining.
yes, that’s a thing.

The atmosphere on our newly renovated tower building is elegant for a formal occasion or a date night, yet relaxed and comfortable for a gathering with friends or family. We offer a choice of a main dining room, a bar/tavern area, and a cozy landscaped patio overlooking Main Street for those who enjoy al fresco dining in summertime. We strive to earn your trust as your preferred Cape Cod restaurant and will treat you like family - because our guests deserve nothing less.


Our concept is fresh,
but our team is seasoned.


Mason Pryme
Executive Chef/Owner

How did you discover your culinary passion?
MP: Helping out my parents in their Stowe, VT restaurant as a teenager prompted me to earn my Culinary Arts Degree. During that time, I was very lucky to receive an apprenticeship under Yeves Labelle, one of top chefs in the US at the time.
What brought you to Cape Cod?
I love saltwater fishing, so when a friend invited me to try out tuna fishing on Cape Cod in 2005, I gave it a try. That summer vacation turned into a sous chef job at The Red Pheasant in Dennis, where I met my future wife Ksenia. She loves doing beach yoga, so we are both attracted to the ocean in our own way. We also enjoy a sense of community on Cape Cod, so we decided to stay.
What was your concept for The Flats?
Cape Cod has a great culinary scene but I still felt that I could do more and innovate if I had the freedom to. When dining out, I appreciate good, interesting food and enjoy easygoing atmosphere, so that’s what I want The Flats to represent. I won’t exaggerate if I say The Flats has some of the best seafood on MidCape. We also source Wagyu (premium Japanese) beef for steaks and burgers. If I had to name one specialty though, it would be wild game. We've had boar on the menu, alligator, ostrich - you name it. You can count on an a cool game cut every time you come in. Game preparation is not easy, so we take pride in being one of very few places known for its game.
Let’s wrap up with a fun fact.
I once made it to semi-finals of Hell’s Kitchen casting. My knife cutting skills would look cool on the show, but I think they were searching for someone who would make more mistakes.


Timothy Ames

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